About us

Glamour Jewellery, established in 1988 with a factory and an office, has grown significantly through outstanding teamwork and a commitment to excellence in taste and innovative design. Today, the company holds a prominent position in the Egyptian gold and diamond market.

Since its inception, Glamour Jewellery has been expanding its presence, inaugurating its first showrooms and shops in 1997. With a total of 10 branches, including the head office, the company is actively pursuing further expansion by planning additional galleries to reach an even broader and more diverse clientele.

Introducing a new brand, House Of Glamour, the company has set up two showrooms—one in New Cairo and another in Heliopolis. These establishments add to the company's commitment to providing exquisite artistic designs suitable for all tastes and age groups, accompanied by well-trained staff to assist customers in making optimal choices, all offered at reasonable prices.

Excitingly, Glamour has recently introduced its signature designs, featuring distinguished and unique wedding bands along with specially crafted necklaces. These exclusive designs are a testament to Glamour Jewellery's dedication to capturing your attention with captivating and one-of-a-kind creations.