Refund and Exchange policies

For Gold Jewellery:

  • Exchange within 14 days:  Only one time exchange with total payment amount.
  • Refund within 14 days(Through Branches Only): Total amount of money is returned in case of manufacturing defects ONLY.
  • Refund after 14 days(Through Branches Only): Workmanship is deducted from the total amount and will be sold according to daily price of gold.

For Diamond Jewellery:

  • Exchange within 14 days: Only one time exchange with total payment amount.
  • Exchange after 14 days: 10% of payment amount is deducted.
  • Refund within 14 days(Through Branches Only): 10% of payment amount is deducted.
  • Refund after 14 days(Through Branches Only): 20% of the payment amount is deducted.

For Gold & Diamond Jewellery:

To make a refund and exchange: Original Invoice is needed !

You can Contact Us or visit us at Our Branches

Credit cards payment :

Refund (if applicable) will be on the same card account.

Damages and issues:

Upon receiving your order, kindly examine the items. If you encounter any defects, damages, or if an incorrect item has been delivered, promptly get in touch with us. This will enable us to assess the situation and take the necessary steps to rectify any issues.